Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The new warning released by Apple company sounds rather threatening to developers. The company is going to delete the apps that are considered to be old. However, not every old app will be removed from the App Store. There are numerous exceptions. Recently, Apple clarified the conditions to developers that allow saving the app. It looks like the apps must have fresh downloads.

Apple has already made lots of enemies among developers by using the lack of competitors on the market to dictate conditions. Several big developers as well as multiple indie companies complained that Apple sent them warnings with the threat to remove their apps if they don’t provide more updates to them. Now, the company wants to remove apps that were not downloaded from App Store.

The recent announcement came from Apple last Friday. The company warns every developer that works within their store that there must be updates made no later than during the last 3 years. These apps also have to meet the minimal threshold of downloads. If the app was not downloaded a specific number of times during the year, it will be removed from the store.

The first developers have already received such notifications and shared them online. Among them were Emilia Lazer-Walker and Robert Kabwe. They were notified that they have 30 days to save their apps and keep them on the App Store. The condition was to make updates and raise the audience. After some time, Twitter was filled with similar complaints from developers around the world. Developers were concerned about Apple’s decision to remove a wide range of apps from the store. They point out that some old apps are still loved by the audience and may be needed once in a while.

Do you agree with Apple’s decision? What do you think about old apps on the market? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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