Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Android users can expect to see the closed tabs again. Google Chrome is busy with the new feature. Although there is no detailed information on when the new service will be available, Google developers are trying hard to make it happen for the audience around the world.

Android’s version of Google Chrome may receive the new feature in the future. From time to time, Google Chrome can close the tabs without any warning. The issue is well-known to all Chrome users and caused numerous problems for the developers. It can happen because of the bug or by pure accident. Once you lose all the pages you were reading, you probably begin to restore them one by one, wasting your time. To do this, you have to go to the history and search for the articles.

Recently, Google Chrome was caught on testing the new feature that restores all the tabs again. You are familiar with the feature on the desktop version of Chrome. All users will need to do is tap the closed tabs again, using Chrome’s “recently closed” button in the settings. The new code was noticed by Chrome Story informers. They saw the Android Tab Restore option. According to the report, all users will have to do after the tabs were closed, is to open the Recent Tabs and find the Recently Closed button. Tap it and you will receive back all your tabs you can’t lose. It does not require extra time on visiting history and restoring the pages one by one.

It is likely that the first attempt will be provided on the Canary version of Chrome. If everything goes smoothly, Google will officially announce the new service available on every Android device for any Chrome version. You can already download the Canary version from the Play Store.

Are you excited about the news? How often do you accidentally close the tabs you need? Express your thoughts in the comments below.

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