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Mr. Kem Sokha returned home after leaving the hearing at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on January 19, 2022. (Kui Lundy)

Co-Lawyer for Kem Sokha confirms that he will submit a letter to the country’s representatives and other stakeholders in The case of “peace with foreign states” soon to join Heard directly at the next trial.
The statement by the Co-Lawyers for the Accused was made on the sidelines of the 37th and 7th hearings of CNRP President Kem Sokha. The court dissolved this Wednesday.
Speaking to the media in front of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court after leaving the courtroom, Mr. Ang Udom, one of the four co-lawyers defending Mr. Kem Sokha It is known that no later than the beginning of May, the lawyers will issue an invitation letter to the countries involved in this charge to attend the hearing and cross-examination.
The source added that the lawyer defending the rights of the accused has no authority to summon or issue a warrant to any party, but because the court forced, Therefore, whether they want it or not, the lawyers defending the rights of Mr. Kem Sokha will issue a letter soon instead of the court.
He continued: “When he pushed, it means that he pushed wrong. We will push his mouth back for him to accept. Whether he does or not is up to him. And then, if there is a hearing, we will open our hearts to see who is in it. In fact, we do not have to tell that story before because we do not want to delay or pass it on, but if asked like that, we are ready! If not the end of that month, also the beginning of next month.

Ang Udom’s lawyer affirmed his position in response to Trial Chamber President Koy Sao speaking at the last minute of the trial.

During the hearing, another co-lawyer defending the rights of the other accused, Chan Chen, asked the court to issue a summons to the country. Involved in this charge to come to the hearing to clear doubts and show the cleanliness of his client Itself.

In an immediate response, Koy Sao instructed the defendants’ lawyers to review the city convention. Vienna, because this convention does not have any conditions that can pave the way for the summoning of countries or representatives of both countries. Then come to the hearing according to the summons of Cambodia. In addition, Mr. Koy Sao claimed that if it is possible to participate in the trial, it must Take the oath and follow the jurisdiction of the Cambodian court.

Kem Sokha has been charged with “conspiracy with a foreign state to overthrow the government.” A letter requesting action was issued in September 2017 with the names of nine countries and organizations. Eight internationals and five individuals involved in the charges.

Adhoc Senior Investigating Officer Soeung Senkaruna believes that a fair trial can only be achieved if all parties involved in the case are present from the start of the interrogation phase. To the hearing on the substance.

But he believes that if the lawyer expands the proceedings, it means that this case will continue indefinitely. According to Karuna, although lawyers are now trying to proceed, the last-minute decision rests with the court. Walk the same.

“So we still do not know when that time will end and as long as there are more procedures for lawyers to continue, I think it will be more,” he said. “The distance goes on. And it is not certain that foreign states or foreign organizations are involved.”

Returning to court as a defendant standing in a circle, Mr. Kem Sokha has been under questioning since Both the prosecution and the defense attorneys for both civil parties and the Trial Chamber.

Most of the questions continue to focus on voter registration, voter list review, and the 2012 election process. It is observed that Mr. Kem Sokha’s overall answer is still the same, he is not sure and is already answering.

Starting from this issue causes increasing tension in the courtroom. Mr. Kem Sokha called the questioning of the prosecution, which was raised by Mr. Chhay Hong, a recurring question or a reversal question.

Immediately, another prosecutor, Mr. Plang Sophal, who was guarding every time there was a reaction from the defendants, objected, arguing that the reason Which led to the prosecutor continued to question because the accused did not answer exactly what the prosecutor wanted. However, disagreements continued between the prosecution and the co-defendants to defend the rights of the accused, but this verbal dispute was observed. Most of them seem to respond to personal issues rather than accusations.

For Mr. Sung Senkaruna, a human rights expert who attended the hearing, he noted that the continuation of the cross-examination proceedings did not seem to be profitable. Defendant at all.

He continued: “Mr. Kem Sokha himself also seems tired of being questioned, and that question has already been asked. When Mr. Kem Sokha answered the questions on behalf of the prosecution, he added his conclusions to all the questions he asked, and there was an answer, and the conclusion was still controversial. “There was a confrontation between the lawyers who defended Mr. Kem Sokha.”

However, a Civil Party Co-Lawyer responded informally at the end of the trial, considering his position in the Trial Chamber. Kem Sokha said that he tried to spread useless stories and misrepresented the facts.

Mr. Kem Sokha was arrested with parliamentary immunity in early September 2017, and the trial in this case has continued for about two years. The President of the Trial Chamber, Mr. Koy Sao, decided in the Trial Chamber to resume his cross-examination of the case on 27 April.

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