Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

According to the recent reports, Microsoft is searching for a way to add the advertisements to the free games on Xbox. The company plans to gain profit without disappointing players. They want to bring the ads that would not disrupt your game experience.

Insider has published a report on the new activity from Microsoft. The new program will be able to show the ads inside the games that are originally free to play for Xbox. According to Insider sources, this change will not disrupt the game experience. The ads will probably appear on the billboard for the race. There is no particular data about upcoming changes. Microsoft may also reveal the ads on the skins or in the lobbies of each game. According to the source, Microsoft developers are worried about the proper presentation of ads and the way to not irritate players with them. They are busy picking only a few brands to let them use the platform for the promotion of their products.

Insider says that Microsoft is not planning to take the revenue from the ads and will allow ad companies and developers to take the funds. It is highly possible that Microsoft simply wants to attract more game developers to the platform. The company wants to offer them a way to gain money by letting the ads inside the games. It may attract more creative game developers to them, as well as marketers that are searching for new platforms to promote their brands.

There is no confirmation of Microsoft’s intention to add the advertisements inside the games. We don’t have any specific date on when they reveal the plan. In its official statement, the company says that they are looking for ways to improve gamers’ and developers’ experience.

Do you believe that Microsoft will add the ads inside the games? When do you think they will appear? You can share your thoughts in the comments below.

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