Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Facebook: Vladimir Putin)

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday declared victory in a major battle in the war of aggression against Ukraine as they cited the capture of the port city of Mariupol.

This is according to the publication by Reuters. At a meeting at the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian Defense Minister and his Russian military on completing the struggle to liberate Mariupol. However, the United States has opposed Putin’s claim that Ukrainian forces remain in power.

Mariupol to prepare for retaliation against Russian troops.
In connection with the case, Ukraine has also said to appeal to the help of civilians and injured soldiers that Putin did not want to attack its last remaining army attacks In Mario Paul, as they [Russia] are also experiencing troops.

So far, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been in the 8th week, which caused the eight-time civilians to have died of cities into a pile of cities and causes a crisis Serious humanitarian occurs as millions have also fled the country.

However, Russia has mentioned in the past that its actions are the practice of “a special military operation” to stop the Ukrainian government from the genocide against its people as the allegations West shall be considered as a basis.

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