Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin will undergo cancer treatment, and he will also hand over control of the country to a former federal police chief. This is according to the New York Post, which quotes from an account of the Telegram system.

Russia’s government will be handed over to Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, the source said.

However, the transfer will be short-lived, during Putin’s treatment. This is according to a post by an account of the Telegram system called General SVR.

An account known to be owned by a former lieutenant-general of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s intelligence service reports that Putin must undergo the necessary surgery prescribed by a doctor.

Questions about President Vladimir Putin’s health have been asked in recent weeks, especially after he was observed to be in a state of disarray during a meeting with ministers. Defense Sergei Shoigu last month.

So far, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is entering its 10th week, which has left thousands of civilians dead, turning many urban areas into rubble. There was a serious humanitarian crisis as millions of people fled the country.

However, Russia has said in the past that its actions are a “special military operation” to stop the Ukrainian government from committing genocide against its people. It is considered by many countries in the world as a baseless claim.

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