Fri. Sep 23rd, 2022

A new TikTok-based app will allow gamers to stream their escapades. Dubber TikTok Live studio, it’s currently in testing.

TikTok Live Studio is already going through the beta, or maybe even delta testing. A few thousand select users, who dabble as gamers, were invited to test the software’s capacities.

We don’t know much about the Live Studio yet. However, some functionality was revealed via announcements and rumors.

TikTok Live Studio will enable people to livestream from both computers and phones. There will be an integrated chat, akin to that of Twitch and YouTube Live.

Gamers will be able to stream both their faces and the screens. What’s interesting, portrait and landscape mode will be two selectable options.

But the project feels a bit raw. It’s not known whether there will be donations or not. The emojis are limited to the default ones. And there are no in-stream alerts.

Another drawback is that Live Studio won’t be available for viewing via browser — an option that other platforms from Twitch to Caffeine and Owncast provide.

The premiere date for the service hasn’t been announced yet. It seems it’s quite an underbaked cookie so far. And it’ll take the authors a few months to introduce all missing components.

Lately, TikTok has been “ripped off” by many online platforms. YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram have been doggedly trying to enter TikTok’s turf.

The rivalry has come to a point when huge money amounts were offered to creators to join these TikTok-clones. Namely, Facebook promised to pay creators a billion during 2022.

Now TikTok strikes back. But even with all its popularity, it’s hard to guarantee that it will become a dominant force in the streaming area. Viewers are conservative when it comes to switching to a new platform.

And what do you think about TikTok Live Studio? Does it have a chance to take off? Let us know in the comments!

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