Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Zoom is helping teachers to organize better lessons for students. The new features will help with students’ management during the online class. It also represented the latest updates for Waiting Room and Zoom Chat.

Zoom has revealed the new services for the users of its Education program. The company said they decided to answer multiple requests from administrators and teachers. The features that were released span the meeting offerings and chat, including the Breakout Room, Anywhere Polls, Blur for Chromebooks, and Virtual Background. New services were made to help both teachers and students. Students receive the ability to easily submit their homework. Some features will be released later, by the end of the year.

Chromebooks receive an update as well. Zoom offers a blur and virtual background to it. The feature is available in the settings. You have to enter the Zoom app to be able to change it. As for the Breakout Rooms feature, it receives updates too. Hosts can now share audio and video with all the participants of the meeting. This new update may significantly help teachers who need to show the video or audio materials during their classes. There is an LTI Pro integration enhancement system that allows teachers to sort their students automatically and send them to the different Rooms.

As for the Anywhere Polls, this feature was made to ease the life of the teachers who want to quickly organize the poll. Students can be reached in a few minutes, no matter where they are. It can be widely used by the administration of the school as well. The feature is not available yet.

Apart from that, there will be more features coming into Zoom. Teachers will be able to rename the participants inside the Waiting Room. Everyone will be able to send video and audio messages into the chat.

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